Colombian Mushrooms



Our Colombian GrowKits are ready to use. If you don´t wan´t to use them directly, keep them in the fridge (4ºC) up to 2 month. Follow correctly our growing instruction and you´ll harvest 700-800 grams of fresh mushrooms, spread over several flushes. It´ll take just 10 days till your first baby Shrooms appear. You need another 7 days to get plentiful harvest. Than, start your unforgettable experiences. If you like to feel marvellous creation power of nature, then this is your mushroom!

All GrowKits are 100% natural products, there is not added any kind of chemical or artifitial composition.

Eatch Grow set contains:

– Grow kit colonized by 100% mycelium substrate Colombian
– Grow bag
– Zip-lock bag


Pound, Half pound, QP, Oz, 1/2 Oz


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